Ashton N. Arndt, Owner & Lead Designer


Kathleen J. Arndt, Engineering & Real Estate

Our Mother-Daughter Design Team was born out of a love for blending traditional design elements with new and creative concepts to transcend trends in design. Together, we thrive in the creative process to produce a space that makes your vision come alive. Our mission at Arndt Design and Build is to create a new home for you and your loved ones to live, grow, and make lasting memories.

Ashton Arndt first discovered her passion for interior design fresh out of college, as a USC graduate in 2012 (Fight On!). Before enrolling in the Interior Design and Architecture Program at UCLA where she was trained in drafting, modeling, and interior architecture, Ashton gained insightful experience working for large commercial interior design firms, and small residential interior design companies. Driven by the desire to freely explore her new design concepts, Ashton recruited her best friend, and mentor- mom- to start Arndt Design and Build, LLC. Using vintage items, creative concepts, and open communication, Ashton and her team deliver unique and cozy spaces which age beautifully as your family grows.


Where Ashton thrives creatively, Kathleen Arndt provides the technical know-how. A trained Civil Engineer from California State University- Fullerton, Kathleen brings to the team over 30 years of commercial real estate management and development. Proficient in blueprints and architectural drawings, Kathleen has the expertise to create your vision and translate it into buildable information for architects, landscapers, and general contractors.

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